Monday, June 22, 2009

News So Great I Can't Even Think up a Clever Enough Title for the Post about It

Disclaimer: this is going to be an entirely non-food post. A little out of sync, I know. But it sort of has to be; there's no way I'm going to try to combine this kind of stellar content with (comparatively) mundane rambling about birthday cakes or cheesecake.

I have awesome news: my dear friend (and ex...uh, I mean former...roommate) Julia is getting married in August! (You can't see it, but I'm doing a little "woo hoo!" dance. I do it, at least internally, every time I think about it.)

This is dance/grins/celebration worthy for a lot of reasons. Besides it being "ohmygoshJulia'sgettingmarried" excitement, this also is (1) an excuse to fly out to L.A. and see all my friends, (2) the opportunity to be a part of the bridal party (seriously an honor and privilege), and (3) a reason to buy a cute new black dress (GOOD choice with the bridal party garb, Jules).

And there's something else, too--something much, much more important; this engagement, besides all of the above, is an incredible example and reminder of God's goodness and sovereign guidance.

It's simply astounding (in a good, good way) to see two people who love Jesus Christ with all their hearts prepare to join their lives together. No doubt their marriage will be a vivid illustration of His sacrificial love for His church...and no doubt Jules and Tim (the fiance) will only love Him and serve Him better through being together.

Have I mentioned how excited I am? Oh, right...yep, time to do the "woo hoo!" dance again...and then maybe think about writing that post about cheesecake or whatever. ;)

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  1. Glad you heard, and glad you're coming out. :-) We have a great deal to celebrate about... most of all, our salvation and God's glory!