Thursday, December 17, 2009


I used to consider myself a pretty committed runner. And I was...until I moved from Los Angeles to Indianapolis. Then I found out just how fair-weather I am. Winter here is COLD. Ridiculously cold. And I, put to the test, simply do not care THAT much about exercise (or so it would appear). When the thermometer drops below that ominous little blue line and it's officially below freezing (not to mention windchill), sorry, but running is out of the question.

For me, at least. The neighbor lady down the road is another story altogether. It'll be 15 below, and she'll be out running, bundled up like an Eskimo and churning out white breath clouds like a little steam engine.

Good for her. I applaud her.

And I think she's nuts.

Speaking of which (how's this for a transition?), I've found two great new uses for nuts--AND a much warmer way to spend a winter afternoon. Yeah, it's also much unhealthier...but, then again, I consider mild hypothermia pretty unhealthy, too. Your choice.

Anyway, here we go: Turtle Thumbprint Cookies. And Caramel Turtle Cheesecake. Both recipes include chocolate, pecans, and caramel. You sold? Me too.

Here's are pictures:

These are a bit time-consuming, but they're really that good. And they make nice gifts, if you like to give out baked goods around the holidays. I'll post the recipes in the next few days, if you want them.
Anyway, I know it's only December, and there's much more cold weather to come. My advice is to bake these cookies. Eat these cookies. Be warm. And we'll all go running together come spring.