Monday, May 18, 2009

A Week in Photos

Me, not including at least four paragraphs in a post? It's shockingly non-standard, I know. But, well...they say a picture's know. And the fact is that I currently have limited time. So I'll just post a few pictures from the last week of baking and let 'em speak for themselves.

Neopolitan Cheesecake with chocolate-covered strawberries:

And a butterfly cake for Emily's graduation open house. (Congrats, Em!)


  1. That cheesecake made my mouth water (literally). Reason #156,987 that I wish you were still my roommate.

  2. Cheesecake looks unbelievably awesome. Butterfly cake is pretty, but the predominant color does not strike me as one found in nature. :)

  3. Sooo, you're amazing. I haven't been on your blog in forever, but just seeing all your crazy goodness makes me realize all over again how talented you are!

    Thanks again for making the cake!! I only wish we didn't have to cut it since it was so beautiful!